Aulora pants with Kodenshi Aulora Basic Top

只是穿Aulora pants 2個月就瘦了10KG

来自台灣的这位先生, 他穿了 Aulora 褲子2個月, 就瘦了10KG (腰部掉了9厘米), 他只是努力的穿24小時, 在完全沒節食和運動的情況下自然瘦下來的

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Aulora Basic Top

脊椎侧弯 Scoliosis

脊椎侧弯 Scoliosis

Aulora Basic Top 对脊椎侧弯 患者的帮助 (Scoliosis)

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发现小儿子患有『脊椎侧弯』的问题 (#Scoliosis

🛑 脊椎有侧向的弯曲

🛑 背部变了S型

听说严重的话, 嵴椎侧弯会影响呼吸 😱

所以就让他试穿 Aulora Basic Top, 告诉他这问题的严重性后,他每天上学和睡觉都乖乖的穿着 Aulora Basic Top

穿了12天后, 竟然效果惊人 😱

背部完全正常了 😱 太神奇了 😱

如今他的人也开朗和有自信了, 真的感恩BE International 这么棒的健康产品 🙏


Thanks partner for sharing 👍🏻

I found that my younger son had scoliosis problem, his spine had a lateral curvature, and the back has became S-shaped. I heard that the scoliosis might affect his breathing, so I let him try Aulora Basic Top and aware him of the problem's side effect, he wore it every day to school and during sleeping time. After 12 days of wearing it, the effect was amazing, his back was back to normal 😍 It's really amazing!

He is very happy and confidence.

Thanks BE International!

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