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Aulora Basic Top

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Hi, my name is SHERRY LIEW

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Currently I am a Diamond Council Ambassador (DCA)

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I'm building this business for long term,

So I will ensure top service quality is provided to all my customers.

I have sold to customers all over Malaysia, and many other countries like USA, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, Macao, United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore etc

Thanks to all my friends and family members, relatives,

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Thanks for all the trust and support,

I will continue to provide the best customer service!

I hope you will continue to trust and support me

I wish everyone GOOD HEALTH


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Aulora Basic Top

Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi

Aulora Basic Top is finally launched into the market.

It contains 89.6% Kodenshi fiber, higher than Aulora pants which is 88.4%

  1. 1
    Superior Technology of Kodenshi® Fiber from Japan integrates ultra fine ceramics (diameter 0.3µm) into each yarn, optimising far infrared release for maximum blood circulation improvement
  2. 2
    Made from 89.6% Kodenshi® Nylon & 10.4% Polyurethane
  3. 3
    Ultra-breathable with maximum coverage of far infrared to the body
  4. 4
    Superior comfort design from Japan
  5. 5
    Functional wear with multiple features
  6. 6
    Suitable for all genders & generations
Aulora Basic Top
1 - Cloud

Superior Softness

2 - Wind


3 - Anti-Odour


Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi Main Effects

  • Improve our immunity
  • Detox - sweat more during exercise
  • Improve our metabolism
  • Reduces back pain / shoulder or neck stiffness
  • Improve our sleeping quality and enjoy longer deep sleep
  • Improve bad or prolonged cough
Aulora Basic Top Packaging

Why we need Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi?

  1. 1
    Improve the efficiency of blood supply to our brain
  2. 2
    Reduces body water retention
  3. 3
    Treat it as pajamas can improve our overall sleeping quality, I have experienced it, it feels awesome!
  4. 4
    Can be worn as a thermal jacket to helps us maintain a comfortable body temperature
  5. 5
    It reduces nasal snore effectively
  6. 6
    It alleviates cough problems at night effectively and relieve chest tightness
  7. 7
    It helps us fall asleep comfortably and soundly
  8. 9
    It helps us lose weight faster
  9. 9
    Help improve aerobic function and make our mind fresh
  10. 10
    It helps to relieve stiff shoulders. It is a good partner for long-distance driving and long hour office workers
  11. 12
    The design is simple and stylish, makes us look young
  12. 12
    Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi will safe guards our health
Aulora Basic Top


Kodenshi® Retains Body Temperature

10 mins after taking off the garment, the temperature of body surface that wore Kodenshi® was higher than the common material.

Proven Results

*Tests are conducted in Osaka University

Aulora Basic Top

Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi

It looks like an ordinary black shirt
It ’s completely different in terms of feeling

The Kodenshi fabric is smooth and breathable
Colors are versatile and fashionable

Aulora Basic Top Testimonial

脊椎侧弯 Scoliosis
脊椎侧弯 Scoliosis

Thanks partner for sharing this Scoliosis problem

I found that my younger son had scoliosis problem, his spine had a lateral curvature, and the back has became S-shaped. I heard that the scoliosis might affect his breathing, so I let him try Aulora Basic Top and aware him of the problem's side effect, he wore it every day to school and during sleeping time. After 12 days of wearing it, the effect was amazing, his back was back to normal 😍 It's really amazing!

He is very happy and confidence.

Aulora Basic Top Testimonial

I'm so happy, I want to share my testimony after I wore Aulora Basic Top!

I have been suffering pain from my right arm since 3 years ago.
I can't even perform some shoulder movements.
My shoulder that couldn't clip the phone, now I am able to clip today. And there is no pain at all.

I just wore Aulora Basic Top for 6 days only


Aulora Basic Top Testimonial

I wore Aulora Basic Top to sleep on the first day, I felt really good after waking up! So comfortable, light, and help blood circulation, bring health to me

Aulora Basic Top Testimonial

I bought the new Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi yesterday and went to bed immediately ​wearing it.

I fell asleep smoothly and had a very good sleep. The pain in my shoulder disappeared after I woke up. Moreover, I can wear S size now!!!

Now I must wear Aulora pants, Aulora Basic Top and Aulora Socks every day. It really provide protection from head to toe.

I was refused to try at the beginning, but now I am 100% trusting it, because my weight dropped from more than 200 pounds to 100 pounds.

Thank you my brother and aunt, and these amazing Aulora pants and clothes

I heard that it also has the functions of "fat-reducing" and "raising the chest". I'm looking forward to ...

Aulora Basic Top Size Chart

Aulora Basic Top Size Chart
Aulora Basic Top
Aulora Basic Top Size Chart

You can refer to the picture above, our partners wearing different sizes Aulora Basic Top

Aulora Basic Top Size Chart

Aulora Basic Top Product Size & Fitting Guide reference chart

How to Wash and Take Care of it?


Why buy Aulora Basic Top from me?

This photo shows I received Car Fund award from the company

  • I am Diamond Council Ambassador of BE International
  • I joined the company since 1st June 2018
  • More than 350 members register under my group
  • I have been serving customers all over Malaysia, and many other countries like Singapore, USA, Ireland, Hong Kong, Macao, United Kingdom, Australia, Brunei etc

So please buy from me with confidence 😊

I will be with the company forever 🥰

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